Tag has the experience and proven track record serving Keller with distinction, dedication, and due-diligence.  He has listened to the community and stood with his constituents, even when it wasn't popular and even when he was the only Council Member to do so.


Experience, Character and Judgment, the ability to see the end from the beginning, are the chart, wheel and rudder for Leadership.

Tag loves Keller.  Love seeks to GIVE.

Keller has developed a reputation for a very negative, hate-filled political environment.  "You cannot drive out hate with hate, only Love can do that".  Tag lives by a stated philosophy to


Do everything readily and cheerfully

    No bickering, no second-guessing allowed

Purpose to live life UNOFFENDED

    Go out into the world uncorrupted

A breath of fresh air in a squalid and polluted society

    Provide people with a glimpse

Of good living and of the Living God

    Carry the Light-giving message into the night.


Tag wants to restore an environment of cooperation and collaboration to our City Council, a place where those we elect leave personal agendas and vendettas outside and do the People's Work when inside Council Chambers.


None us are as smart or as innovative as all of us.


America is the only place that has a "Dream".  You don't hear of a Chinese dream or French dream or Russian dream.


America has a dream because of the values we are governed by.

America has brought more patents, more innovation, more prosperity, more charity, more freedom to the world than any other nation in history.


That same spirit is still alive.  And those same values are what make Keller a great place to live!



 In Leadership, Tag believes that character still counts, that who someone is in private is not separated from who someone is in public.  On the contrary, "Private Practice determines Public Performance".  You cannot know, ahead of time, what issues or policies will come to Council.  So, we have to know that the individual we elect is guided by GOVERNING PRINCIPLES based on a properly calibrated moral compass.  Then, it does not matter what the issue or policy presented is, you can be confident the decision comes from a firm moral foundation and an ability to discern the truth. 



In a world that is so easily offended by almost any and every thing, focused on what benefits ME ... even at the expense of others, it is time to restore Leadership that is truly "by the people, of the people, and for the people".  An effective City Council must be comprised of independently thinking people committed to open and honest communication.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited people can change the world.  In fact, it is the only thing that ever has".


We have had a City Council that deems you an "enemy" if you do not agree with them, labeling people "special interest" and "anti-development" and worse.  It is time to elect individuals who put what benefits our community first... even at the expense of self.


Tag Green has done that.  Tag Green will do that again.



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