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PROPERTY TAXES:   As your Councilman...


I Voted To Lower Your Tax Rate FOUR Times!


I Voted to Increase Your Homestead Exemption FOUR Times!


I have worked tirelessly in City Council and as Council Member to our Finance Committee to see our taxes lowered.  We have seen rapid value appreciation in the last 10 years, meaning that even with lower rates, our taxes increased.


By combining prudent tax rate decreases with homestead exemption increases, we have assured that the Keller portion of your Property Tax Bill has not only stayed level, but actually decreased over the last four years.


There is still much work to do and I have developed relationships with our Representatives and Senators at the State level as well as with our Superintendent of Keller Independent Schools and their Chief Financial Officer.  I promise we will find ways to correct Robin Hood and provide sustainable financing for our schools wihtout having to dig deeper into our pockets every year.  Then, we can join hands to put these in front of our State Representatives and Senators to enact common sense school finance.



DEVELOPMENT I am a Texas Real Estate Broker and an owner of multiple businesses, so I am very pro development, both residentially and commercially. However,  I am laser focused on quality over quantity. Keller has a unique opportunity before us with only a small percentage of available land – about 12% residential and 20% commercial. Residentially, we need to partner with quality developers and homebuilders who would be a good fit for Keller’s plan and unique character. We need to be proactive, rather than waiting for developers and builders to come to us. We must develop a City Council with the determination to see our Future Land Use Plan updated (it is over 22 years old) and update our Unified Development Code to assure our zoning ordinances produce quality over quantity.


I am committed to Preserving the Character of Keller.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: The first and most imporant responsibility of any government body is the restraint of evil and protection of its citizenry.




I am extremely proud of our recognized and highly acclaimed Keller Police Department and Keller Fire Department.  We have a new Chief of Police and a veteran Fire Chief who are without parallel.  I am committed to them and will assure they have everything they need to protect our residents.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: I have served on our city's Finance Committee every year I have served on City Council.  I am very proud of the fact that our fiscal policies have earned Keller a AAA Bond rating.  This means when we need to incur debt, we are afforded the best rates and terms available in the market.


We have worked hard to retire debt and to pay off high-interest debt to bring financial benefits to our community.  My financial background will continue to  help us maintain our financial health and further diminish the tax burden to our homeowners.


I have served as Controller and Chief Financial Officer before the age of 30 and have been the Chief Operating Officer and President of large companies, and of companies I founded or co-founded. All of these required detailed plans and budgets. This is core to doing any turnaround. Financial statements hold the keys as to where to begin the trek toward profitability for any organization. I wrote the Financial Workshop curriculum for use by churches and have worked with many couples and single parents to get their budgets in balance and get out of debt. I believe that government should be completely transparent, especially with finances. Since governments do not earn revenue… every dollar they use must first be collected from someone else. Therefore, I believe we have a high responsibility to make sure every penny is used to its fullest and maximum buying power.

Fighting to Lower Property Taxes

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