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DEVELOPMENT I am a Texas Real Estate Broker and an owner of multiple businesses, so I am very pro development both residentially and commercially. However,  I am laser focused on quality over quantity. Keller has a unique opportunity before us with only a small percentage of available land – about 15% residential and 35% commercial. Residentially, we need to partner with quality developers and homebuilders who would be a good fit for Keller’s plan and unique character. We need to be proactive, rather than waiting for developers and builders to come to us. We do not need to encourage or support higher density variances to our zoning in order to cram more homes on less land to suit someone else’s profitability plan. This results in a change in our character, over-crowding of our schools and streets, and an overall lowering of property values in our community. Zero lot line homes and townhomes fit a segment of the metroplex population and we have those here, but they are not the answer for long-term value preservation and appreciation. As Keller’s next councilman, I will insist on quality development that enhances the character of our community.

Commercially, I believe I bring more experience and expertise to our council than anyone running or serving, and that’s not meant as a boast. It is an observation of the diverse skills, expertise, and knowledge of our current council. My contribution will be my wide and deep experience in virtually every industry from finance to supply chain and from non-profit to Fortune 500 enterprises. We need to take a pro-active approach to seek out the sit down restaurants we desire and stop saying “yes” to every fast food request that comes along. Every city surrounding us has all of those, but they don’t have a Texas Bleu or FnG Eats or The Movie House. We can’t wait on these to come to us, so I will work with our Economic Development team and entrepreneurs from our community and others to identify the restaurants and shops that will encourage people to come to Keller.

SPECIAL INTEREST: Almost any group with a common interest or goal could be considered a special interest group. NAACP, AARP, and the NRA are some of the biggest in our society today. My opponents have defined the Special Interest in Keller as 1) the group who organized and supported the recall of Mayor Matthews;  2) a group of Keller citizens that seek to prevent further development in Keller; and 3) a group of Keller voters whose support elected 11 of the last 12 candidates for City Council. For the most part, the group remains nameless, but they are written and spoken about in an extremely negative light and these characterizations have caused division in our community. It’s one thing to oppose positions and decisions. It’s quite another to assign motives, make character judgments, and sling labels on those whose positions you oppose.


Leading Keller to put “unity” back in our community is a benchmark of why I am running. I believe we’ve had enough divisive rhetoric and mislabeling in our city and I will not be drawn into a squabble that fosters disunity among neighbors. Placing labels on those with whom you disagree is beneath the character of Keller, and as I’ve said throughout my campaign, “If you and I agree on everything, one of us is unnecessary.” Differing opinion is what sparks great solutions and it is a hallmark of free speech which makes our society greater than most on this planet. Collaborating differing opinions towards common objectives and desires is the core skill of turning companies around as I have done for decades. As for those who seek to label me, I did not participate in the recall vote of Mayor Matthews; I am pro-development; I am an independent thinker; I am beholden to no one; I have not signed onto anyone’s agenda; and I have not accepted any campaign donations that have strings attached. I have supporters on both sides of many issues and I have no interest—special or otherwise—in the furtherance of needless division in our city. What I stand for is clear and in the public forum. If that earns the support of Keller voters, I am grateful. If not, I understand and am still grateful for your involvement in the process of free elections.

FISCAL RESPONSIBIITY: I served as Controller and Chief Financial Officer before I was 30 and have been the Chief Operating Officer and President of large companies, and of companies I founded or co-founded. All of these required detailed plans and budgets. This is core to doing any turnaround. Financial statements hold the keys to where to begin the trek to profitability for any organization. I wrote the Financial Workshop curriculum for Metroplex Chapel and have worked with many couples and single parents to get their budgets in balance and get out of debt. I believe that government should be completely transparent, especially with finances. Since governments do not create revenue… every dollar they use must be first collected from someone else. Therefore, I believe we have a high responsibility to make sure every penny is used to its fullest and maximum buying power. This is why I believe I have so much to offer Keller serving on her City Council.

TENNIS: Personally, I’m very happy The Birch Tennis Academy is approved. I didn’t feel the bubble domes were the best fit for Keller’s character and the new permanent structures are attractive and aesthetically consistent. I’ve watched for many years the impact that the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy has had on Frisco and Plano, placing those communities on the national, and even global stage. It is impossible to say how much the Academy helped those communities, but everyone is familiar with what is happening there. I believe The Birch is a one of a kind facility in the DFW area and it will make Keller a destination helping us elevate the profile of our city to the kinds of restaurants and shopping we want here. And just wait until a new young champion comes out of The Birch…

TAX RELIEF: I will work tirelessly to see our taxes lowered and I applaud the current City Council that has lowered them every year the last 3 years and increased the homestead exemption. But that isn’t enough because fighting property values is counterproductive and only a temporary fix at best because we all want our homes to be worth more. The fact is only about 18% of property taxes go to the city. Roughly 56% go to the schools and the rest goes to the county, hospital district, and community college. To be effective with tax reduction, it will take a great deal of help from you, the voters.

  1. We have to do away with Robin Hood and develop a better and fairer way to fund poorer and smaller school districts.
  2. We must collaborate with KISD on an overall reworking of bond, debt, budget and spending with a focus on increasing funds for what is effective in educating and a serious scalpel on anything that does not promote that core value.
  3. We will shine the light on spending in our county, hospital district, and community college.

Our property value boon will not go on indefinitely, so if we don’t trim our spending, allowing us to cut tax rates at every taxing authority now, when the market turns they will have no choice but to petition Austin to increase the rate limits. That is the definition of insanity in my mind, and public education will not stay competitive in a market that may very well bring education vouchers.

Fighting to Lower Property Taxes

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